The Surprising State Of Military Unreadiness

“The Marine Corps, which is operating in 146 countries, is using amphibious assault vehicles that are more than 40 years old; the average age of its light armored vehicles is 26 years. More than 80 percent of the aviation units lack the minimum number of aircraft needed for training, according to Gen. Glenn Walters, assistant commandant of the Corps.”

“In the Senate hearing last week, U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii asked Wilson how long it would take for the Air Force to improve its current state of about 50 percent combat-readiness. He told her it would take six to eight years to bring readiness levels to 80 percent.”

“In Hawaii, the equipment and training shortfalls that military officials described at the recent hearing in Washington were tragically demonstrated with the helicopter crash that killed 12 Marines off Oahu in January 2016did not have enough training because many of the aging CH-53E Super Stallions helicopters used in their exercises had mechanical problems and were unfit to fly.”

Photo by Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Source: Civil Beat News

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